Financial Management and Services

As a subcontractor, KMI provides FIAR support for both the Marine Corps and the U.S. Navy through its prime partner, KPMG.  KMI’s support is multi-geographical with employees supporting FIAR activities across the United States at all major Marine Corps installations.

In addition, KMI provides Financial Accounting & Assistance support to Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (RFA) as a subcontractor through our partner, MLT Systems, LLC.  Our support is provided within the HQMC offices in the Pentagon and provides financial accounting, systems programming, and SharePoint development services.

  • Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness Support (FIAR)
    • Headquarters Marine Corps Installation and Logistics (HQMC I&L)
    • Marine Corps Installation Command (MCICOM)
  • KMI is a subcontractor to KPMG providing FIAR support/expertise as well as expertise on US Marine Corps supply and financial IT systems.
  • Financial Accounting & Audit Support
    • Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), Accounting and Financial System Branch (RFA)
    • KMI is a subcontractor to MLT Systems providing configuration management support services at HQMC, RFA.